Refugee crisis: Cameron must do more

David Cameron
David Cameron

David Cameron has announced that the UK will provide a home for thousands more Syrian refugees who are currently living in refugee camps in the countries on Syria's borders.

We know that life is incredible difficult for people in these camps, especially for women and children. So news that the UK will offer a safe place to more Syrians in this situation is very welcome.

However, this is huge humanitarian crisis. We need to do more. We need to solve the crisis in solidarity with other EU countries.

Resettling people from refugee camps can be a slow process. At the same time, thousands of refugees are making their own journeys to Europe in an attempt to reach a place of safety, often, as we know, under terrible, life-threatening circumstances. These people and our European neighbours need our immediate help.

Gary Christie, Head of Policy at Scottish Refugee Council said:

We welcome the news that the UK will accept greater numbers of Syrian refugees but there is still much more the UK can do.

Providing safety to people currently in refugee camps on Syria’s borders is a huge step forward but it does nothing to alleviate the suffering of so many people already making the dangerous journey to Europe. These people are dying on our doorstep and they are here asking for our help.

 This last week we have seen ordinary people across the UK promising to open their doors to refugees. David Cameron must respond to this humanitarian crisis in the same spirit.  We know that no country can solve this crisis alone. The UK needs to act in partnership with other EU nations to develop an immediate and long term solution to this crisis.”

Scotland's First Minister announced on Friday that Scotland is ready and willing to offer sanctuary to people in need. We welcome this leadership and the ongoing support from the Scottish Government - and indeed the cross party support shown in Scotland - to provide safety and dignity to people desperately in need of our help.

Scottish Refugee Council will work with the Scottish Government and partners across the third sector and civic society in Scotland to meet the challenge of doing all we can  to provide a place of sanctuary and protection.

Join us in calling on David Cameron to play a full role in ending this crisis. Write to your MP.

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