UK Government failing to protect women in the asylum system from violence

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A new report from a group of cross-party MPs has condemned the UK Government for failing to protect women seeking asylum from violence.

The Joint Committee on Human Rights, who released their findings today, expressed alarm at the prevalence of violence against women and girls across many cultures in the UK. They warned that the UK Government's work  to tackle violence against women and girls in conflict zones around the world is not being translated into policy to protect women in the UK.

The committee looked specifically at the situation of women in the UK's asylum system, where much more needs to be done to make sure women don't fall through the protection gap.

The committee argued that women in the asylum system "face a culture of disbelief and double discrimination as asylum seekers and women."

It also raised concerns that "current Home Office policies can leave them destitute and that this in itself leads to women being at greater risk of being a victim of violence".

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