Figures point to poor decision making on asylum cases

SRC Sept 2010  c. Jenny Wicks

The UK Border Agency released its figures on asylum for Quarter 2 of 2010 today. The figures show that nearly a third (27%) of appeals made on refused asylum cases are successful – compared to just 20% in the same period two years ago.

Figures for asylum seekers from some countries were even higher – nearly 50% for those from Somalia and Ethiopia, for example.

According to Scottish Refugee Council, this points to increasingly poor decision making by the UK Border Agency. We are calling for an overhaul of the asylum system to include providing quality legal advice for all new asylum applicants from the start of the process.

John Wilkes, Chief Executive of Scottish Refugee Council,  said: "These are worrying statistics and underline the need for the UK Border Agency to make much better assessments on these life and death cases.

"The coalition government is currently reviewing the way asylum decisions are made. We call on the UK government to take heed of these figures and ensure people seeking safety in our country get a fair hearing from the word go."