The Journeys of the Women to Amaan – launches today!

Metal Health Foundation
Beautiful pennants (flags) tell many stories

How exciting – our exhibit launches today at the Hillhead Bookclub so please join us from 11:00am today.  Come along, have a look at the various artworks presented in beautiful flags (pennant) or take part in one of our art workshops.

What’s it all about?

Amaan, meaning safety, is a new three year project created by asylum seeking and refugee women in Glasgow.  The project aims to raise awareness about the issues these women face – including mental health.  

Get insight into refugee and asylum-seeking women’s experiences accessing mental-health services in Glasgow. And find the deeper meaning in the beautiful pennants that share their stories and meaning behind them.  You can also learn more about the project and the what stage we’re at now.

Raising awareness

Our hope is that in addition to building a better understanding of the issues asylum seeking and refugee women face – it also highlights how vital services are and the big impact they can have.

Hope to see you there - but if you can't make it today, join us throughout Refugee Week - the exhibit and workshops are on until 24 June.



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