Scottish Parliament welcomes end of Go Home campaign

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Insensitive posters in Home Office building in Glasgow

A motion lodged in the Scottish Parliament today welcomes the end of the Home Office's Go Home poster campaign in Glasgow.

Jackie Baillie MSP lodged the motion which calls on MSPs of all parties to welcome the end of the campaign and to recognise the distress it caused people seeking asylum in Scotland.

Scottish Refugee Council Policy Officer, Graham O'Neill, said: "We are pleased that this issue is being raised for discussion at Holyrood and commend Jackie Baillie for leading on this motion. The Go Home campaign caused great distress and even trauma to some very vulnerable men, women and young people seeking protection in Scotland. We hope never to see hostile communications of this sort again and hope that MSPs of all parties will speak out in support of this motion."

Ms Baillie has previously spoken out against the Go Home campaign and lodged an earlier motion, in September, calling for an end to the Home Office pilot.

See below for the full text of today's motion.

Motion Number: S4M-08323
Title: ♦ Discontinuation of Home Office's Go Home Campaign

That the Parliament welcomes the Home Office decision to discontinue what it considers its insensitive, callous and ill-thought-out Go Home poster campaign at its reporting centre at Brand Street in Glasgow; considers that, as the Scottish Refugee Council has stated, it caused distress to men, women and children in Scotland, some of whom are past victims of atrocity, torture and ill-treatment; notes what it believes is the shared will in Scotland and across the UK against such a hostile policy toward those who have claimed asylum in the UK; considers that the Go Home campaign messages echoed the language of the National Front in the 1970s, which was targeted particularly at non-white communities and recently arrived visible minority immigrants, and believes that what it sees as such an intemperate and appalling approach to refugees should be rejected.

Lodged By: Jackie Baillie
Date Lodged: 14/11/2013