Show us your spirit for Refugee Week Scotland 2012

Refugee Week

The nights draw in and summer seems a long way off but the planning for Refugee Week Scotland 2012 (18 – 24 June) has already begun.  The theme for Refugee Week Scotland is important; it inspires people to get involved and captures the energy and momentum that powers Refugee Week Scotland. 

After discussion and debate we have come up with a theme, we are proud of it and hope that you are too.  The theme is one word but carries so many connections for all of us, SPIRIT.

  • The Fighting Spirit of the refugee; the grit and determination it takes to flee persecution and rebuild your life
  • Community Spirit: the integration and welcome shared between refugees and local communities
  • Scotland's Spirit: the cultural enrichment and diversity Scotland has achieved on its journey

We chose Spirit because we felt it reflected everyone’s involvement from the individual to the community, from refugees to local Scots.  Refugee Week is about having fun, broadening horizons and breaking down barriers.  With the theme of Spirit it reflects the strength of Refugee Week Scotland and celebrates the contribution refugees have made to the UK. 

Refugee Week Scotland happens because of all the work that people across Scotland put into it, so I hope you are inspired to let your Spirit be involved in Refugee Week Scotland 2012.

Get involved in Refugee Week 2012

It is vital that people are aware of what refugees have fled from and what they face when arriving in Scotland.  You can play an important role in welcoming refugees as individuals, as communities and enjoying the journey that Scotland has gone on.  If you’d like to get involved in Refugee Week Scotland 2012, email us or call 0141 248 9799.

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