Help Jethro get his Song of Glasgow off the ground!

Jethro Kinavaudi
Singer-songwriter Jethro Kinavaudi in action

Jethro Kinavuidi came to Glasgow from the Democratic Republic of Congo looking for safety. Since he’s been here, the talented singer-songwriter has been inspired by the city so much, he’s put together his first album.

But there’s a catch – he needs YOU to help him get his album out to the music-loving public.

The album is called The Song of Glasgow, and is an eclectic mixture of world music with lyrics in English, French and Lingala as well as influences from some of Jethro’s favourite musicians who include Tracy Chapman and Lokwa Kanza. He says: “It is a new style in Scotland. People can give it a chance.”

Taking part in Refugee Week Scotland

Jethro is a long-time friend of Scottish Refugee Council, having taken part in a number of events for Refugee Week in 2010 and 2011, including a star turn at the successful Human Music Library event at the Scottish Music Centre.

 “The album is about political things,” he explains. “No one talks about the issues in Africa and around the world, even here in Scotland. Music is everything I have. The way for me to explain things is my melody.”

The tracks highlight serious political issues around the world that he feels just aren’t discussed by people and in the media. However, the opening track The Song of Glasgow, which the album is named after, is dedicated to the beauty of the city that welcomed him when he himself first arrived and entered the asylum system. It was recorded with the help of his son, who raps on the track.

A dream to help change things for the better

Jethro’s dream is that “people understand what I’m saying and playing and come to see me. I want to play for people in the Government and help to change things.”

With the album now complete, Jethro needs help to take The Song of Glasgow to its listeners, and is looking for people who have the expertise to help him produce and promote the finished album.  

Get in touch!

Could you be that person? Or do you know someone who could help? If so, please give us a call on 0141 248 9799 or send us an email, and we'll pass your details on to Jethro.

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  • tshibambe emmanuel
    07 October 2011, 18:33

    that's good brother! courage toujours...

  • Anonymous commenter
    07 October 2011, 18:36

    I like he's song NO MORE WAR

    07 October 2011, 18:38


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