Award winning play Roadkill continues to raise awareness of child trafficking

Back in 2010 Scottish Refugee Council took part in the creation of Roadkill. Now the play returns to Scotland.

Roadkill is a multiple award winning, heart wrenching play that conveys the story of a trafficked child. The story was created with advice and support from Scottish Refugee Council and premiered in 2010. In addition to attracting rave reviews and awards, it instantly helped raising awareness of the reality of trafficking in Scotland. It made people want to take action.

Having seen this show, you might feel like taking action against trafficking. Here are some ways to do so:

  • Donating to an organisations working with children who may have been trafficked such as: Scottish Refugee Council, Amnesty International, Edo State Women Association Nigeria and Anti-Slavery International;
  • Providing practical help - offer a room/temporary accommodation through Positive Action in Housing (PAIH). Even just a week is enormously helpful.
  • Joining a campaign to end child trafficking. ECPAT UK works in the UK and globally to stop the trafficking of children and young people - join their Facebook group, write to an MP or read their blog.
  • Buying The Body Shop's Soft Hands, Kind Heart hand cream at, at least £2.36 from each tube goes to ECPAT to help their campaign against child trafficking.
  • Showing your support for the Human Trafficking Foundation at - this organisation works to improve government policy and raise awareness of child trafficking.
  • Telling your friends about Mary's story in Roadkill. Research suggests that awareness of child trafficking in Scotland is still desperately lacking. The more people that know this is happening, the more can be done to challenge it.