We are all Glasgow Girls

The Glasgow Girls played a huge role in changing life for asylum seeking children in Scotland and the UK.

Not only did they help end the detention of children, they also helped galvanise policy makers to take important steps towards creating a more child-friendly asylum process.

  • In 2007, asylum seeking children, many of whose parents had languished in the asylum system for years, were allowed to go to university.
  • The following year, the UK government finally allowed refugee children to benefit from the rights in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  • And in 2009, the Government put a requirement on the UK border agency to “promote and safeguard the welfare of children.”  Now we must make sure that is upheld.

‘We are all Glasgow Girls’– take action

The Glasgow Girl’s courage to stand up against dawn raids and family detention in Scotland is inspiring.  But there is still more we can do.  Take action to stop destitution - learn more on the Stop Destitution website.