Our calls to action

We believe there are fundamental issues that must be addressed to ensure children’s welfare is paramount throughout the asylum process.

Force was used on six families – including, most shockingly, a pregnant woman at Cedars “Pre Departure Accomodation” in West Sussex, where asylum seeking families are held before they are returned to their country of origin.  
- HM Inspectorate of Prisons report of Cedars

Despite condemning this action, the report makes no recommendation on how to avoid such a situation from happening again. We think that’s an unacceptable omission.

What’s needed

We're calling for:

  • a more child-friendly asylum process with special attention to children’s welfare guaranteed during the removal process.
  • better legal advice from the outset, ensuring that families are properly informed about the asylum process, know their options and are able to prepare their asylum cases to the best of their ability.
  • Better decision making– one in four refused asylum seekers are granted protection following the appeal of the initial decision made by the Home Office. Many others slip through the net. Young people’s age should be properly and lawfully assessed from the onset to ensure they are protected. 

What can you do?

While in the mid-2000s, 80 per cent of people seeking asylum in Glasgow were families who were detained and dawn raided when their claims were refused, today approximately the same number are single people who are being forced into destitution.

These venerable people’s support is stopped - with no money, no home or right to work, they struggle to survive. We think that’s unacceptable in Scotland.

Find out more on the Stop Destitution website.