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Our blogs are written by staff members at Scottish Refugee Council, as well as people from a variety of backgrounds who are keen to discuss the issues that refugees and people seeking asylum face.

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  • making coffee  c. Jenny Wicks 17 August 2010 Myth-busting begins at home In an article on the Guardian website recently, Spencer Woodcock, who runs a project supporting older people to live independently, extolled the refugees who volunteer on his project. (0 Comments)
  • All the queens children 16 August 2010 Edinburgh Fringe: All the Queen's Children All the Queen’s Children is a play about four young refugees who arrive in the UK alone and then go missing from care. It has been written and developed with Reading Youth Theatre. It got rave reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe. (0 Comments)
  • Congo river web 11 August 2010 Long journey to Scotland "We thought Glasgow was a city with crimes, windy, too cold with the worst weather in the UK. That’s the information we had been told by other people at the hotel..." (0 Comments)
  • kate instructing dancers2small 17 June 2010 Who is at the party? “I find it ... absolutely appropriate that leading up to Refugee Week I should be nurtured in such a way by such a gorgeous Sri Lankan family. It reminds me that... collectively we are Glaswegians as this is our chosen home... living our lives here." (0 Comments)
  • SmilingLady1 15 June 2010 I wish you’d just ask me, “what is a refugee?” A refugee living in Glasgow, explains what the terms "refugee" and "asylum seeker" actually mean in international law. (0 Comments)