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Roadkill: one of the top 5 plays of the year.

We’re living in a material world, the festive season is proof of that. But one of the most heinous transactions must be when money changes hands from human trafficker to brothel owner.

Women and children get bought and sold in Scotland, in Glasgow, maybe in your street. It’s a secret tragedy that we don’t notice happening.    


Cora Bissett is one woman working hard to bring this crime to light. Her award-winning play Roadkill has made it into the List’s top five plays of the year. Roadkill, supported by Scottish Refugee Council, is an intimate and harrowing performance about a young girl trafficked into the sex trade.

Parliamentary Inquiry

A new report published this month acknowledges the hidden nature of trafficking in Scotland, especially in relation to the trafficking of children. The report, called Inquiry into Migration and Trafficking and has been published by the Scottish Parliament’s Equal Opportunities Committee.

The report calls for the Scottish Government to look at ways to help more groups and organisations identify people who have been trafficked, for example into the sex trade or domestic servitude, and ways of helping them.

It is likely that the number of people being trafficked into Scotland will increase in 2014 becuase of the Commonwealth Games.

What can you do?

We all have a part to play in shining a light onto this hidden atrocity.

Sign a petition: ECPAT UK in conjunction with The Body Shop, has launched a global petition to call on the government to provide greater care and protection for children trafficked for sexual exploitation. 

Sign the petition

Get more ideas here

Read our comment on the report 

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  • Jasver
    11 February 2012, 15:00

    Great piece, I hope for the sake of Scottish ploitics that the Labour party can reinvigorate itself and re-engage with the people of Scotland.

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