"Together we are strong": Glasgow Girls on Tour!

The talented, passionate cast of Glasgow Girls

Media Officer Chris attended the musical adaptation of a true story of pure Glaswegian community spirit.

On Saturday night, I attended the closing night of the Glasgow leg of “Glasgow Girls”, a musical based on the true story of seven friends from Drumchapel, whose lives changed forever when their school friend and her family were forcibly taken from their home to be deported. The ‘Glasgow Girls’ galvanised to fight for her rights, inspiring a whole community to unite behind its residents. But don’t just read my blurb – check out our ambassador, original Glasgow Girl herself, Amal Azzudin’s account of the story behind the musical.

A chilly Saturday night in January, half the audience are full of the cold, yet they’ve come in their droves into the night for this truly heartrending tale of Glaswegian spirit and humanity. As a musical theatre kid at heart, I had no doubts that the genre would be a perfect way for people to engage with this story and the full heights and depths of the emotions it demands, as well as the humour necessary to interpret what happens when your world gets flipped upside down, and it does not disappoint.

A tale told by a fiery cast, full of sound and fury, and fun too, signifying the spirit of our city, the best of people power, friendship, and challenging the systems around us. They say that people make Glasgow, and it’s for good reason. The show isn’t about the successes of the Glasgow Girls in upending a broken system, although they do their damned best. It’s about a community coming together, through good times and bad. We are nothing without our communities, our tribes, our families – whether born or made. An accessible tale for audience members who might still be unaware of the cruelty of the system, and a realistic assessment of the wins and losses, hopes, dreams and realities for those involved with, or trying to navigate, the hostility of UK’s asylum process. 

A full standing ovation from the audience showed that the story had struck all the right chords, fantastically performed by a talented, energetic cast. We are all Glasgow Girls. In our current state of deep uncertainty, polarisation, and compassion-fatigue, being a Glasgow Girl matters more than ever.

If you missed your chance to see it at the King’s, never fear! It’s off to Edinburgh this week, followed by Perth, Inverness, and Dublin!

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