Exploring difficulties faced by unsuccessful community organisations' funding applications.

Refugee community organisations often struggle when applying for funding grants but at the same time we also hear that there are limited and only a few successful applications.

Foundation Scotland offers an Express Grant up to £2,000 which can help meet a wide range of costs, including general running costs such as rent or staff salaries; activities and events; equipment or materials; marketing and awareness-raising initiatives and training.

In order to secure more successful applications and explore the difficulties faced by unsuccessful applications Scottish Refugee Council, supported by Foundation Scotland, designed and delivered four training sessions to 16 refugee community organisations to further explore how to write successful funding applications.

30 participants attended our training sessions which focused on the following areas:

  • Identifying problems and working out solutions
  • Project planning
  • Project monitoring and evaluation
  • Completing applications forms for funding


This training provided an opportunity for participants to gain new skills, share experiences and boost their confidence when applying for funding.

Following the success of the delivered training sessions, we expect to see an increase in successful applications for funding from Refugee Community Organisations.

To celebrate the end of training sessions Scottish Refugee Council organised an event where all participants were awarded with a certificate of achievement and allowed participants the chance to speak to Foundation Scotland Funding representatives.

Participants have shared their thoughts and commented on the training delivery:

“I think this training is very useful and provides useful information and makes community groups know more about how they should apply for funding and how to get a good result.”

“The atmosphere was very good and the lecturer was very enthusiastic. Moreover, the contents of the training course were very good.”

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