New exhibition links Arab and Scottish cultures






For the first time in Glenrothes the Fife Arabic Society joined forces with Fife Cultural Trust to launch their wonderful exhibition “Crossing Cultures”.

The exhibition is part of a major project “The Heritage of Arab culture and civilisation and its relevance to life in modern Scotland” which includes, seminars and other activities.

Crossing Cultures has brought together school pupils, college students, members of the Arab community, the newly arrived Syrian families who are settled in Fife through the VPRS scheme and local communities to creatively highlight the richness of Arabic culture and its vital role in contributing to Scottish culture.

The groups have researched Arab history and civilisation and assembled a collection of artefacts, objects, and audiovisual display materials which highlight particular aspects of Arab heritage.

Fife Arabic Society has worked with the Islamic Studies department at Edinburgh University to publish research about Arabic language in Scotland. The research found that Arabic has been taught for over 300 years in universities in Scotland.

The exhibition had a great overall response from the community in Fife and has been visited by various members of Fife local council, members of parliament, councillors from neighbouring areas, members of the police and other communities’ representatives.






With the support of teachers, academics, museum staff and other professionals, Fife Arabic Society aims to stage a series of public exhibitions at various locations in Fife and beyond.

The exhibition is a fantastic opportunity to learn about the pioneering developments in mathematics, medicine, architecture, literature and art that shaped the modern world as we know it and compares the differences and links between Arabic and Scottish cultures.






Exhibition dates:

Rothes Halls: Wed 24 Jan 2018 – Tue 6 Mar 2018 (Free admission)

Address: Kingdom Shopping Centre, Glenrothes KY7 5NX

Lochgelly Centre: Tue 13 Mar – Tue 17 April 2018 (Free admission)

Address: Bank St, Lochgelly KY5 9RD

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