Share My Table group prepares for public performances and exhibition at Tramway in Glasgow

Blog by Communications Assistant Louise McGovern 

Last week I caught up with the Share My Table team at their weekly creative arts workshop at Tramway in Glasgow.  Coordinators Catrin, Elena and Deborah filled me in on the group's progress as it gets ready for a public performance and exhibition next month. 






Share My Table brings together a group of 35 - 40 people every week to explore the mainstream media representation of refugees. Through the workshops, participants create art that represents their own individual experiences, giving them a voice in telling their own story and through this challenging who is in charge of creating the images and telling the stories of migration to Scotland. 







"People going through the asylum system are asked to talk about their story over and over again," says Elena. "From the beginning of the project we were keen to move away from this repetitive and stressful process. There are more interesting and creative ways for people to explore issues surrounding migration."

Creating an inclusive and comfortable space was important right from the start of the project  and food was an obvious way of making people feel welcome and at home. "We inherited the concept of sharing food from a previous Scottish Refugee Council art project and saw how food can work as a positive tool," explains Elena. "The ritual of sharing food creates beautiful and informal moments.  It creates a space where people can come together and feel comfortable sharing their ideas and opinions."






The Share My Table project is large.  Up to 45 participants attend the weekly two and a half  hour workshops.  Logistically this can be a challenge and it isn’t always easy to work around schedules and child care requirements.  Some participants take two or even three buses to get to Tramway on the Southside of the city.  The commitment of the participants, most of whom have been involved since the project began in January 2017, is testament to the project and the welcoming environment the coordinators create.

Since January, the participants have been working with a number of mediums to create their artwork, including photography, sculpture and performance. The workshops will culminate in two nights of live performance and an exhibition in October.


20 & 21 October, 6.30pm £8/6 please book


19 -29 October, 12-5pm, free entry, drop in more.

For more info and tickets: 

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