Lost Life

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From 'Lost Life'. (c) Iman Tajik

Iman Tajik blogs about ‘Lost Life’ - his Refugee Week Scotland exhibition of powerful portraits of refugees now living in Glasgow

Blog by Iman Tajik, Photographer

‘Lost Life’ tells a story of refugee people. How they have not chosen their fate. They have had to leave their homeland, life and try to adapt to a new culture and environment. These people have had to fight for their opinions, freedom, rights and justice.

I strongly believe in human rights, and I always support the humanity rights of people. When I left Iran, I experienced many difficulties, like lots of refugees do, and so I decided to illustrate these problems through my work.

I wanted people to understand what it is like to be a refugee.

Through ‘Lost Life’, I am trying to illustrate emotions and hidden feelings of these people, so others can understand them better.

This series is all black and white 35m film photographs and all proceeded and printed in West College Scotland, Clydebank Campus as my graded. Some of the pictures were taken in Glasgow city and some in studio. I really would like to say thanks here to the sitters for this project and photography department in Clydebank Campus for their all support. I am so pleased with the result of my hard working and it is great that I have found such an amazing humanitarian organisation like Scottish Refugee Council to support my project.

I invite everyone to come along and enjoy the images and see the hiding refugee emotions.

I also suggest everyone to join the many other Refugee Week Scotland events and enjoy sharing the diversity and equality of the world.

My ‘Lost Life’ exhibition held from Monday 16 June - Monday 7 July at Paisley Arts Centre.




Iman Tajik is a freelance photographer and graphic designer from Tehran, Iran. His love of photography started at school and continued when he went travelling in Iran, Azerbaijan and India, taking pictures along his journey.

After arriving in Scotland in 2012, Iman decided to study photography at college and find opportunities to exhibit his work. Recently he finished his study in City of Glasgow College and this academic year in Glasgow School of Art. Iman has won many awards since he began his studies in Scotland, here amongst the title of ‘ILFORD PHOTO Student Photographer of the Year 2013 – DARKROOM’ – in the UK Student Competition 2013.

His latest work is with Scottish Refugee Council’s arts and heritage project A View from Here'.


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