3x3 reasons to go to the World Refugee Day Concert

Crowd shot  Refugee Week Scotland opening gig
A night of music and celebration

The absolute highlight of Refugee Week Scotland 2014 will be the World Refugee Day Concert with Skipinnish, Balkanarama and Young Fathers

Blog by Jack Tannock, Media Volunteer

After the huge success of the last two years, this year could be the best year yet with an incredibly eclectic line-up that is not to be missed.

3 reasons to see Skipinnish

#1: Some traditions are worth preserving. The ceilidh is a traditional part of Scottish culture and while Refugee Week is all about engaging with new, diverse cultures from around the globe, we can still have a chance to reconnect with our own culture.

#2: The best traditions are worth updating. A tradition, yes, but that doesn’t mean it should be frozen in a time warp. Skipinnish are all about approaching an old tradition with a modern twist, mixing the very best of the old and the new.

#3: These guys are good, trust me… Skipinnish are one of the most interesting bands in the Scottish Ceilidh music scene capable of performing traditional Celtic music at its most hauntingly beautiful or its most rousing and passionate OR both at the same time. Absolutely worth checking out.

3 reasons to see Balkanarama

#1: Bring out your inner opa! Balkanarama sets are absolutely storming. There’s no way you won’t get swept up in their musical adventure.

#2: I like a party with an atmosphere. If there’s one thing that Balkanarama have in abundance it’s ‘atmosphere’. They really do know how to make a place come alive.

#3: Check Klezmer off you’re bucket list. As I’m sure you all well know Klezmer is a traditional form of Eastern European folk music and dance mixing Jewish Yiddish culture with Gypsy and Slavic forms to create something brilliantly unique. Come see it, you’ll love it and if nothing else you’ll be seeing something you may not see very often.

3 reasons to see Young Fathers

#1: Scotland has been at the forefront of so much musical innovation over the years. At the minute we are producing some of the most innovative hip-hop acts in the world. Young Fathers are very much a part of that with some brilliant psychedelic hip-hop and RnB music that has to be heard to be believed.

#2: Their line-up is something new. Young Fathers have three members. Alloysious Massaquoi is originally from Liberia. Kayus Bankole is from Nigerian parents, was born in Edinburgh but spent several years living in Maryland. 'G' Hastings is from the Drylaw "scheme" in north Edinburgh. How many bands have that kind of backstory?

#3: They perfectly encapsulate the eclectic mix of cultures in Scotland today. They combine West African musical sounds with American Rap and RnB, mix in some Grime and with intelligent lines about porridge oats, they give it a Scottish twist. They are tipped as ones for the future, and shortlisted for the Scottish Album of the Year – the winner will be announced the night before our concert!

The best reason

But the best reason of all to come see all three acts, is that you will have an amazing time. Brilliant music, a great atmosphere and a chance to let your hair down all in the name of supporting Refugee Week Scotland. Have a good time for a good cause… What could be better?

The World Refugee Day Concert takes place on Friday 20 June from 8pm at Old Fruitmarket in Glasgow. Tickets can be purchased in advance at Glasgow Concert Halls.


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