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Meet the participants from ‘A View from Here’ as the exhibitions and documentary film are about to launch.

Today, Tuesday 3 June, the two 'A View from Here' exhibitions open at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum and Old Hairdressers in Glasgow. The exhibitions will run until Sunday 22 June. Do Make sure to visit both venues to get the full exhibition experience. Both exhibitions are free of charge.

The 'A View from Here' documentary will be launched Saturday 7 June at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. This is a public and free event and includes a short performance and a guided tour of the exhibition by the participants.

Views from the Knightswood area

Eddie: “I am Eddie and I am from Scotland. I have enjoyed meeting people from lots of different countries and hearing their opinions of the high rise flats. The exhibition will show the hard work of everyone involved in the project.”

FarbodFarbod: “I am Farbod. I am 22 and from Iran. I have enjoyed the project as I have met so many new friends from different countries. People should come to see the exhibition because we want to showcase the talent of everyone and also explore the history of Glasgow.”

Iman: “I am Iman. I am 32 and from Iran. I have enjoyed working on 'A View from Here' because I was able to be part of the creative team and helped to produce this amazing project. People should come to the exhibition as they will be surprised by what we have been able to create.”

Jean: “I am Mrs Jean Donnachie. I am 72 years old and from Scotland. I have thoroughly enjoyed everything about 'A View from Here'. It is a great way of opening people’s eyes to something they never knew before, and for me, that is what the project is all about.”

Julie: “I am Julie. I was born in Ethiopa and have lived all over the world. My favourite parts of the project have been learning about other cultures and also getting to play the piano for audiences in the high rise flats. The exhibition will allow people to learn about the good and bad side of the high rise living.”

Najma Najma: “I am Najma and I was born in Somalia. 'A View from Here' has allowed me to meet new friends and build my confidence. The exhibition and documentary is a great way to see everything we have learnt about the history of Glasgow.”

Nima: “I am Nima and I am from Iran. I have enjoyed 'A View from Here' because it is the first arts project I have taken part in. The exhibition and documentary show the journey of everyone and all the skills we have learnt.”

Noreen: “I am Noreen Real and I am Scottish. My highlight of taking part in the project is letting people know about the dawn raids and how asylum seekers were treated in this country. The exhibition and documentary will give people a chance to hear both sides of the story.”

Paria: “I am Paria. I am from Iran. The most important part of the project for me was seeing people satisfied with the group work and having the opportunity to share our stories. It has been a really great opportunity to be a part of this creative project. People should definitely come to see a different view of people who live in high rise flat and listen to our story and heritage.”

Views from the Gorbals area

Chris: “I am Chris and I am from Zambia. I have enjoyed taking part in 'A View from Here' and mixing with everyone. People should visit the exhibition because it is interesting. It explores the heritage of Scotland.”

ChristianaChristiana: “I am Christiana. I am 50 and from Sierra Leone. I have loved taking part in A View from Here as it was my first experience of performing, and I have met people from so many cultures. The exhibitions are so important because they show the experiences of many different people.”

Darren:I am Darren. I am 34 and from Scotland. I liked the opportunity to work with the Scottish Refugee Council foremost. It was a very humbling experience. It was a fantastic piece of moving art in a living space of a high rise flat which made for a very special drama piece.”

Katrin: "My highlight has been creating and performing my own story. This project will raise people's awareness of different cultures."

Muna: “I am Muna Sultan and I am from Pakistan. I had never been inside a high rise flat so it was very exciting. The exhibition is very interesting as it shows the history of how the high rise flats were built and what will happen in the future. I have loved learning about it.”

Teddy: “I am Teddy Nabwire and I am from Uganda. I have enjoyed taking part in 'A View from Here' as it has helped me to integrate into my community better. The exhibition and documentary will teach people about the project so far and about all the different cultures involved."

WilliamWilliam: “I am William. I am 32 and from Scotland. I have enjoyed the success and feedback from the project so far. I also loved performing and learning about issues like deportation. People should come to see the exhibition so they can understand how serious some of the issues are.”


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