The Same Story - 10 stories, 10 countries

Fountain pen
The courage to commit to writing

The courage to share your words

It takes a particular type of courage to commit to writing, and in a foreign language at that, personal accounts of personal experiences of life as a refugee.

It’s bravery I couldn’t imagine having myself - and so I have total respect for this group of women refugees living in North Glasgow for doing just that.

A touching and powerful collection of essays

The product of a writing workshop, this book of essays which was launched at a lively and interesting event in Sighthill Community Centre, brought a lump to the throat as one after another from this “United Nations” of strong women read their essays to an audience of about 30 completely silent people, myself included.

10 stories -10 countries; humbling words of hope and fear

I think I can safely say that it’s pretty humbling to hear such words of hope and fear, tears and laughter in the comfort of a Glasgow community centre flow so eloquently form the mouths of people who have suffered so much before their arrival here in Scotland.

Ten stories from 10 women from 10 countries, yet really only one story.  One story of displacement, of memories happy and sad, but mostly a story, actually THE story, of a journey of hope and the promise of sanctuary and a new start that every refugee believes makes all of the pain , suffering and abuse worthwhile in the end.

This international group living in North Glasgow are feisty, increasingly confident in themselves and growing in belief that they can make a new better life for themselves and their families here.  They ask for little from us except a welcome, some understanding and compassion.

I heard their story today: they deserves so much more!


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