The courage to create

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A challenging but fulfilling process

As a theatre practitioner I often meet individuals who inspire me with their capacity for fun, their creativity and their vivid imagination. Working towards a show with a group of non-professional performers can be the hardest work but it is undoubtedly the most fulfilling of experiences I have as a director.  

Drama and creativity as a way of expressing experiences

Nowhere has this been more true than on the projects that I have had the honour to facilitate within refugee and asylum-seeking communities across Glasgow. Not only have I often found myself in a room with individuals that speak multiple languages, play a variety of instruments and have an abundance of creative ideas, what strikes me is the determination, the dedication and the strength of those individuals to use drama and creativity as a way of expressing their experiences.

Getting to the UK - often only the beginning

Often individuals have struggled through danger to travel to our safe country but sadly, in my experience, arrival on UK soil does not bring an end to their stress, anxiety or sense of fear. I have worked with people who are constantly worried about being detained and deported, they are struggling with the stress of not being allowed to work, of being cut off from their friends and family back home and of having no sense of what the future holds for them.

Art offers a way to inspire, inform and be heard

However, there they are, at my workshop, week in week out, ready to put their trust in me, ready to create authentic performances and committed to making work that will inspire and inform.

And this is because they believe in the power art has to transform and in the fundamental need to, and importance of, being heard. In my opinion, that is courage.

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