Scottish Refugee Council disagrees with Home Affairs Select Committe report's claims of amnesty for asylum seekers

Today a report from the Home Affairs Select Committee stated that the UK Government’s legacy programme, which aimed to clear the backlog of 450 000 asylum claims across the UK and is due to conclude this summer,  has in practice been an amnesty.

Not an asylum 'amensty'

Scottish Refugee Council does not agree with the report's claim that asylum seekers have been granted amnesty by the UK Border Agency.   Granting a person seeking asylum permission to stay after individual consideration of all aspects of their asylum claims in the UK was, in many cases, the fairest and most humane thing to do. This was not an amnesty – each case was considered and resolved individually.

Rebuilding lives and contributing to Scottish Society

UKBA concluded most of the ‘legacy cases’ in Scotland several years ago and men and women have gone on to rebuild their lives here, get jobs and fully contribute to Scottish life.  At the time these ‘legacy cases’ went through, there was lots of public support in Scotland to allow families stay.

The UK Border Agency must ensure that a new backlog does not build up and ensure the right decisions are made the first time around.

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