Post-decision review

Appeals and judicial reviews, UK figures

These are the latest complete year statistics from 2013 for the UK as a whole. Separate figures are not provided for Scotland. 

Initial decisions are sometimes reviewed for a number of reasons. For example, an asylum decision by the Secretary of State can be later reviewed as a result of:

  • Additional information
  • Significant changes in the applicant's current circumstances
  • Significant changes to the applicant’s relevant country of origin information.

In 2013, 8,512 applicants requested an asylum appeal, 4% higher than in 2012

In the same year 25 percent of these appeals were successful. 68 percent were dismissed and 7 percent were withdrawn.

In 2013, the proportion of appeals dismissed was 68%, while 25% of appeals were allowed and 7% were withdrawn

The success rate of appeals can vary dramatically and can be influenced by many factors including the person’s country of origin.

Source: Home Office Immigration and Asylum Statistics.