Sanctuary: Inside Stories

The film “Sanctuary: Inside Stories” is one strand of the award winning Sanctuary Project.  The film features the experiences of five refugees living in Scotland. It focuses on the asylum process and its impact on their mental health.

Partners in the Sanctuary Project were Scottish Refugee Council, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture Scotland, Mental Health Foundation, and Voices Of eXperience.   Funders were NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and NHS Health Scotland.

Who the film is for

The film has been developed to improve awareness of the factors that impact on the mental health of those seeking sanctuary in the UK for people providing services to asylum seekers and refugees.

The film was commissioned in 2008 by the Sanctuary Project and produced in 2009 by a specialist filmmaker - Diversity Films.

How to use the film

Contributors have given their permission for the film to be used in the context of training, education and awareness-raising. However, due to the sensitive nature of what they disclose, the film is not intended for public distribution or screening. 

If you want to use this film with a large audience or outside a training context, contact our training officer or call 0141 248 9799  before using it.

Ensure that you download and read the guidance before screening the film.  The guidance includes answers to common questions that audiences have and identifies how to run an awareness raising workshop around the film.

Read the guidance on using the film. (1Mb, PDF)

How to watch the film

A shortened version of the film can be watched through the YouTube video below. It is unlisted on YouTube so will not appear in any search results, or under the official Scottish Refugee Council YouTube account. This version is 16 mins long. The full film is 21 mins. This abridged version has been made to respect the concerns of the film’s participants over uncontrolled viewing. See below for how to request a copy of the full film.


If you are having difficulty viewing the film or would prefer to have a copy of the full film in electronic (MOV or FLV) or in DVD format, contact our training officer or call 0141 248 9799.