Where to get help with food and roof over your head

If you are waiting for your Section 4 support to be approved, and if you have no other means to support yourself, there are quite a few places in Glasgow where you can get help.

What to do if you have nowhere to live

If your asylum claim has been refused, you will receive a letter from the Home Office identifying the date you must move out of your accommodation.

  • If the Home Office agrees to give you Section 4 support, you will be given accommodation.
  • If you are not able to apply for Section 4 support, or if you are still waiting for a decision on your Section 4 application, it may be very difficult to find other accommodation.

There are several organisations that may be able to help you with food and accommodation if you do not have a place to live.

Positive Action in Housing (PAIH)

The charity Positive Action in Housing offers advice, information and support if you are facing homelessness. Find out more on the PAIH website or call them on 0141 353 2220.

Free Food and Clothing Locations in Glasgow

Read our list to find locations across Glasgow (PDF)

The Glasgow Homeless Information Pages

The Glasgow Homeless Information Pages provides information about where to get emergency help if you are homeless in Glasgow.

Glasgow Destitution Network (GDN) - where to get food

Glasgow Destitution Network is made up of many different agencies and charites that can provide food to you if you're destitute and have no where to stay.

For people who are homeless outside of Glasgow

Shelter Scotland can offer advice if you are homeless or in danger of being forced out of your accommodation.