Advice and information in Burmese for Refugees and asylum seekers

Our Burmese resource section contains information leaflets for people seeking asylum and refugees who speak Burmese and want to find out more about the asylum process, support, how we can help and their rights and entitlements.

Note that titles of the leaflets are provided in English but the content is provided in Burmese.

Information leaflets

How we help

Legal representatives

Things to consider while going through the asylum process

Things to consider after you receive asylum in Scotland

How we help

Getting involved in your community - how we can help (338Kb, PDF)

Advice for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) refugees in Scotland (370Kb, PDF)

Scottish Refugee Council complaint form (33Kb, PDF)

Legal representatives

Legal representatives contact list - Glasgow (416Kb, PDF)

Legal representatives contact list - Edinburgh (373Kb, PDF)

Things to consider when going through the asylum process

Problems with your accommodation (422Kb, PDF)

Problems with your Application Registration Card (ARC) (388Kb, PDF)

Adding an adult dependant to asylum support (430Kb, PDF)

Adding an adult dependant to your asylum support -checklist (298Kb, PDF)

How to use interpreting services (330Kb, PDF)

How to access health care in Scotland (407Kb, PDF)

Life in Scotland (407Kb, PDF)

Section 4

Section 4 support (283Kb, PDF)

Applying for Section for if you are pregnant (380Kb, PDF)

Things to consider after you receive asylum in Scotland


Seek advice before applying for British Citizenship (30Kb, PDF) (English only)

Family reunion

Family Reunion: Refugees or people granted Humanitarian Protection (73Kb, PDF)

Family Reunion: Non-Refugees with Indefinite Leave to Reamin (75Kb, PDF)

Finding work

Finding work - a guide for Refugees (6.6Mb, PDF) (English only)

Banking/managing money

How to open a bank account (399Kb, PDF)

Learn to manage your money in Scotland - Financial Literacy Project (192Kb, PDF)

Budgeting sheet to help you manage your money (114Kb, PDF)