Changes to your housing support after you receive Refugee status

You will only be supported by the Home Office (NASS Accommodation) for 28 days after you receive your Refugee Status. It is important that you register for welfare benefits and get advice about your housing situation during this time.

When you receive a positive decision on your asylum claim, you also receive the same rights and entitlements to housing services as other British residents - including the freedom to choose where you will live.

If you do not get this sorted in time, you may have to move out of your accommodation and make a homeless application.

We can provide housing advice, including:

  • Your rights to housing
  • Housing benefit
  • Moving to another area
  • Applying as homeless
  • Dealing with domestic violence

Get advice on housing

Contact us to find out if we will be able to help you with your housing problems.

You can also read our advice leaflets provide information about changes to your housing and identify your options and your rights:

Read the 'Housing Guide for Refugees in Scotland' chapter by chapter:

Multilingual leaflets

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