We are currently updating our website.

From 1 April 2014 we are no longer contracted to provide general advice services to asylum seekers. Please disregard any references to our previous One Stop Service (OSS) and Scottish Induction Service (SIS).

For all general asylum advice please contact Migrant Help. We have produced this Q&A leaflet to help make the transition period as smooth as possible.


Living, working and volunteering in Scotland

Work in Scotland

If you have been waiting for more than 12 months and have not received an initial decision on your asylum claim, you may be granted permission to work. However, you should contact your legal representative in this case.

Volunteer in Scotland

If you cannot work, you may also wish to volunteer. Find out more about volunteering with us or visit Volunteer Scotland for information on how to volunteer in different places throughout Scotland.

Join a community or arts organisation

You may also want to get involved in your community by joining a Refugee Community Organisation, Integration Network or Framework for Dialogue group. Find out how to contact community organisations in your area.

We also have arts projects you can get involved in.

Improve your English - take a class

Free English classes are widely available, although some have long waiting lists. Find out about English classes in our frequently asked questions section.