Asylum process and legal matters

This page holds a list of links to documents and organisations, which can help you as a refugee woman in the legal matters of claiming asylum in the UK

General information about the asylum process and legal matters can be found elsewhere on our site .

If you need telephone or face-to-face asylum advice, you have to contact Asylum Help.

Organisations in Scotland

Legal Services Agency's Women and Young Person’s Department provides legal advice and representation to refugee and migrant women and young people in Scotland who have an unsettled asylum/immigration position and who have experienced gender-based violence in their country of origin and/or the UK.

Trafficking Awareness Raising Alliance (TARA) is an organisation working with women over the age of 18yrs who have been trafficked for commercial sexual exploitation.

Links to the contact details of other legal representatives providing immigration advice in Scotland can be found elsewhere on our site.

UK-wide organisations

Women for Refugee Women challenges the injustices experienced by women who seek asylum in the UK. They work to empower women who have sought sanctuary in the UK to speak out about their own experiences to the media, to policy-makers and at public events.

Asylum Aid provides free legal advice and representation to the most vulnerable and excluded asylum seekers, and its women’s project lobbies and campaigns for a fair asylum process for women.

Rights of Women is a women’s voluntary organisation in London committed to informing, educating and empowering women about their legal rights. They have an immigration and asylum law advice line you can call for legal advice.

Asylum Support Appeals Project works to reduce destitution amongst asylum seekers by protecting people’s legal rights to food and shelter. They have a women’s legal officer based in London and offer free legal representation and advice to women appealing against decisions by the Home Office to refuse or withdraw their housing, financial subsistence, or both.

Additional resources

Listen to the audio CD: 'Home Office Gender Guidance' from Asylum Aid online.

TARA (Trafficking Awareness Raising Alliance) leaflet.

Seeking refuge? A handbook for asylum seeking women from Rights of Women, 2012.

Watch the video 'Random Acts Play' from Asylum Aid online.