I have not made a claim for asylum

In the UK (which includes Scotland) 'asylum' is another word for protection.

To be able to stay in this country and be protected, you must first apply for asylum.

Applying for asylum

If you decide to apply for asylum, you should do so as soon as possible after you arrive in the UK.

You can contact Asylum Help which is an independent organisation funded by the Home Office to provide information and advice to people seeking asylum. Call 0808 8000 630. Asylum Help will tell you how to register your claim for asylum.

If you are afraid for your safety in Scotland then you should approach the police. 

Scottish Refugee Council cannot offer a face-to-face advice service for people seeking asylum, but our website will continue to offer information about the asylum process:

In exceptional circumstances, we can give some emergency support. For example, with the assistance of Refugee Survival Trust, we can assist with travel from Scotland to Croydon in London where most people need to submit their claim for asylum. 

Other immigration options

If you do not wish to apply for asylum but want to discuss your other immigration options, you should contact a legal representative. Go to our legal advice page. 

You can also contact the Home Office to find about applying for a work, student, spousal or other types of immigration status.

Where am I in the asylum process?

Read our asylum process chart to find out where you are in the asylum process (25Kb, PDF)