From 1 April 2014 we are no longer contracted to provide general advice services to asylum seekers. Please disregard any references to our previous One Stop Service (OSS) and Scottish Induction Service (SIS).

For all general asylum advice please contact Migrant Help. We have produced this Q&A leaflet to help make the transition period as smooth as possible. 

I am waiting for a decision on my asylum claim

Information for asylum seekers about support, accommodation, health, working and accessing legal advice

If you are still waiting for a decision on your asylum claim, you can find information about the support and accommodation, working and volunteering, health care, getting involved in your community and legal representation that you are entitled to.

Your rights while you are waiting for an asylum claim decision

If you have applied for asylum in the UK but are still waiting for a decision, you have the right to:

  • Have your application considered fairly and accurately
  • Have access to support and accommodation if you meet the requirements for it
  • Have legal representation. Free legal help may be available, depending on your income and your case
  • Have access to free health care from the National Health Service (NHS)
  • Be treated fairly and lawfully regardless of your race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation or any disability
  • Practise your own religion. You are also expected to show respect to people of other faiths

Where am I in the asylum process?

Read our asylum process chart to find out where you are in the asylum process ( 25Kb, PDF).