I am a woman

We can provide women with specialist information on areas like money, housing, and your rights and entitlements as you go through the asylum process

We can also help to explain important documents, provide information on refugee community organisations and other local groups for women, and identify other organisations that provide services for women.

If you prefer to speak to a female adviser, we will do our best to arrange this.

We also provide support to the Refugee Women’s Strategy Group, a representative group of refugee and asylum seeking women, supported by Scottish Refugee Council and funded by Comic Relief, whose aim is to ensure that the voices of refugee women in Scotland are heard.

On this site you can find information on:

Asylum process and legal matters

Get information and resources about the asylum process, including information on areas of the law that relate to women specifically and organisations that can help you with your asylum claim.

Health and wellbeing

Find information on all aspects of health and wellbeing, including pregnancy, childcare and sexual health.

Parenting and families

Here you can find resources and organisations that can explain your rights and entitlements in relation to parenting. You can also find some options for parent and toddler groups to allow you and your children time to socialise with other families.

Employment and education

This page offers information about services and organisations that can assist with education and employment as well as links to ESOL classes around Glasgow.

Community groups and activities

Many women struggle with feeling isolated when going through the asylum process or integrating into a new community. This section provides advice on getting to know the Glasgow area and information on joining community groups.

LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex)

This section offers services and organisations that support asylum seekers and refugees who are LGBT as well as information on LGBT groups.

Violence and abuse – getting help

Find options for getting support after surviving violence and links to agencies that can help with practical issues (such as housing) when leaving a relationship.