Refugee Community Organisations (RCOs)

Encouraging asylum seekers and refugees to get involved in their community in Glasgow

Refugee-led Community Organisations 

Communities are dynamic and often complex and have a range of characteristics that define them. We define communities as those that share a common bond ‘that can be defined by geography, identity or interest’ (Community Development National Occupational Standards, 2015, Refugee communities are generally communities of interest or identity. Refugee-led Community Organisations often organise around nationality, ethnicity, gender or a particular issue. Refugee-led Community Organisations:  Define their community as (mostly or significantly) refugees and people seeking asylum

* Are formed by refugees and/or people seeking asylum

* Are led by refugees and/or people seeking asylum

* Are grassroots organisations (e.g. not a private company)

* Are membership organisations

* Prioritise membership of refugees and asylum seekers

* Involve their members in the decision-making processes of their organisations

* Form their priorities and agenda based on regular engagement with their refugee and asylum-seeking members

* Focus or prioritise delivering activities in order respond to needs or aspirations of refugees and people seeking asylum

Many refugees in Scotland have formed their own community organisations. They offer opportunities to meet people from back home and share experiences, problems and find solutions. These groups can help you get involved in your local community and share your own culture.

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