New Scots Connect is a new national network of community groups, led by Scottish Refugee Council, which aims to make sure people seeking safety in Scotland are welcomed and included in local life. 

The aim of New Scots Connect is to connect groups and organisations so they can learn from each other, share their expertise and access support, in turn improving the social connections of refugees.  We want to ensure that refugee communities and receiving communities feel strong, informed, empowered, and that their voices are heard.

The network will provide a range of tools, information, and opportunities that will connect groups and organisations and help build their capacity to support and welcome refugees into communities across the country.

The organisations who join New Scots Connect will also have access to a communications platform so that they can work more closely with each other, share their experiences and knowledge as well as access training and funding opportunities.

New Scots Connect is part of a larger project to build on Scotland’s leading role in refugee integration, and will be supported by five new Regional Integration Coordinators, based in the North East, North West, South East, South West, and in Glasgow.

These coordinators will offer support and advice to groups where required, and work to build connections with various community groups.

North East Region: Marwa.Bushnaq@scottishrefugeecouncil.org.uk 

South West Region: Aneel.Bhopal@scottishrefugeecouncil.org.uk 

North West Region: Jen.Anderson@scottishrefugeecouncil.org.uk 

South East Region: Fee.Gerlach@scottishrefugeecouncil.org.uk 

Glasgow: Petrit.Shala@scottishrefugeecouncil.org.uk 

If you are one of the below:

  • Refugee-led community
  • Local or neighbourhood group
  • Integration network
  • Faith-based community
  • Youth group
  • Community of interest/nationality
  • Registered charity
  • Social enterprise
  • Contracted by local authority
  • Community sponsorship group

and you wish to join the network you can easily do that by clicking here. If you are not sure or would like assistance in doing so you can get in touch with our regional coordinators.