Community support

Support on your doorstep

Get involved in your local communityAdapting to life in Scotland can be difficult for asylum seekers and refugees. But there are lots of organisations that are ideally placed to help.

These include Refugee Community Organisations, Integration Networks and Framework for Dialogue groups. These groups can be found all over Glasgow and beyond.

Each community group has a different focus but benefits may include:

  • Opportunities to meet people and get involved in your local community.
  • Help – either formal or informal – with learning English.
  • Networks for women and activities where childcare may be available.
  • Advice with issues such as where to buy foods and other products not widely available in Scotland.
  • Information about where you can worship or pray.
  • Help to find work – either voluntary or paid.
  • A way to stay in touch with the culture you have been forced to leave behind.
  • Opportunities to raise your concerns and have your voice heard within your community and in the wider Scottish society.

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Scottish Refugee Council's Community Engagement Team produce a newsletter every two weeks. The newsletter, aimed at asylum seekers and refugees, includes information about events, learning and ESOL classes, volunteering, projects and other opportunities. To sign up, email our Community Engagement Team.

Start your own community group

If you are looking for support in running a community group that involves people seeking asylum and refugees, our Community Engagement team may be able to help you.

Find out how we may be able to help your community group.

You can also contact us.

Get involved in the arts

Another great way to get involved in your community is through local dance, theatre and other art-based groups. Find out how to get involved in the arts.