Advice Services

Scottish Refugee Council currently offers the following advice services:

Telephone Advice Line

Scottish Refugee Council offers a telephone advice service for people looking for advice and information on refugee and asylum issues. This service is for anyone in Scotland who is still in the asylum system or has received some form of leave to remain. It is also for people from agencies that work with refugees and people seeking asylum, for example, social work teams, the NHS and housing officers.

Refugee Integration Service

We also offer advice on housing, education, work, health and how to get involved in Scottish life through our Refugee Integration Service which is available to people who have recently received Refugee status, Humanitarian Protection or Discretionary Leave to Remain.

Family Keywork

Families with children aged 0-8 years who have recently entered the asylum system can get support through our Family Keywork Service

Destitute Asylum Seeker Service

If you have been refused asylum and have exhausted your appeal rights, or if you are destitute with no access to public funds, the Destitute Asylum Seeker Service led by Refugee Survival Trust may be able to help.

Scottish Guardianship Service

The Scottish Guardianship Service supports unaccompanied young people going through the asylum system in partnership with Aberlour Child Care Trust.

Not made an asylum claim yet?

If you have not yet made a claim for asylum in the UK, please click here.