Courage: a small film with big impact

Sharing your thoughts about Courage…


 I just watched your film and I think it is brilliant!! Well done for producing this intelligent piece of work.” 

Nazek Ramadan, Director, Migrant Voice 


It's a great film, very moving and does its job in communicating your message.”

Kate Horne, KH Learning Company

This is excellent and cleverly confounds expectations. In 2 minutes the film proves you can never make assumptions about people, by showing an elderly white woman and a young black man - different generations and race but with the same experience and the same voice - people who have fled to this country to escape persecution. This should be screened in shopping centres, schools prisons, hospitals all public places.”  

Alison Peebles, Actor

Congratulations to Armani, Karima, Mehrab, Nkechi, Rana and Sarah for their film Courage, a well-made and insightful mini documentary, celebrating 60 years of the United Nations Refugee Convention. The Edinburgh International Film Festival is proud to be playing its small part in Refugee Week, and to be hosting the premiere of Courage.”

James Mullighan, Director, Edinburgh International Film Festival

The film is beautiful in what it says and how it says it.  A little two minute movie poem.” 

Mark Cousins, film critic

Please watch - in just two minutes, this powerful, moving film tells you everything you need to know about the importance of the UN Refugee Convention & how welcoming people in danger of persecution in their own countries, not only offers them a lifeline, it also enriches us, as individuals and as a nation."

Janice Forsyth, broadcaster

 It’s great! Refugee Survival Trust welcomes this great short film which shows just how important the UN Refugee Convention is. The right to claim asylum was vital 60 years ago when the convention was written, and it is just as vital today to protect people fleeing the world’s most brutal regimes. We would love as many people as possible to see the film and learn more about the human stories behind the Refugee Convention.”

Michelle Lowe – Development Manager, Refugee Survival Trust

This has got to be one of the best
             short docs I've seen. Awesome.”

Connie Van Horn – Director, P.I.I.N.G (Promoting  Inclusion & Integration for the Next Generation)

An extremely moving and poignant film, which succeeds in reinforcing the continued importance of the UN Refugee Convention for the many individuals who seek refuge from persecution, past, present and future. The film is also all that is good about Refugee Week, for despite its often painful and distressing subject matter, it manages to capture the courage, humanity and hope that is so often displayed by those who have sought safety and a new life in Scotland.”  

Frank Higgins, ITMS Manager, British Red Cross

This new film reminds us that behind the numbers and the headlines every refugee has a very human story to tell. For 60 years the right to seek refuge has meant a fundamental commitment that each one of us has the right to seek protection from persecution -  and the way we respond to those in need is an indicator of the health of our own society."

John Watson, Director, Amnesty Scotland

People forget just how interconnected a world we live in – we are all foreigners somewhere. The UN Refugee Convention is as important today, if not more so, than it was 60 years ago. This poignant film reminds us not only of the refugees who have already been made welcome in Scotland, but of those still to come and the future lives to be saved by this vital document.”

Shami Chakrabarti, Director of Liberty

 The film is amazing. I’m crying now having just watched it. It’s unbelievable to think such powerful emotions can be evoked in just two minutes. The connections between two asylum seekers from different generations and ethnic backgrounds are powerfully and elegantly made. I can think of no film this length that carries a more powerful message.”

Lesley Riddoch, columnist and broadcaster