A View from Here

Exhibitions | Film | Performance

Glasgow’s skyline is changing. As the high rise flats are demolished, what happens to the memories of the people who lived there?

'A View from Here' tells the stories of refugees and local Scots living in two areas of Glasgow.


Screen the 'A View from Here' documentary film at your event or venue

If you would like to screen the documentary at your venue or event please contact: arts@scottishrefugeecouncil.org.uk or phone 0141 248 9799.

'A View from Here' (27 mins). Directed by Basharat Khan and commissioned by Scottish Refugee Council.

About the project

'A View from Here' is a multi-disciplinary arts and heritage project supported by Heritage Lottery Fund Scotland, Glasgow Housing Association, New Gorbals Housing Association, Urban Union and WaveParticle.

It documents the heritage of the high flats in two iconic districts of Glasgow and the shared and disparate experiences of asylum seekers, refugees and local Scots who live there. This is a heritage soon to be lost as many of the high rise flats in these areas are to be demolished.

Through a series of creative workshops facilitated by theatre director Carrie Newman, visual artist Jan Nimmo and film-maker Basharat Khan, we have created this unique story-based performance and exhibitions of photography, object and film.