Vision and aims

Our Vision, Values and Strategic Aims let you know exactly the kind of place we'd like Scotland to be and how we plan to get there.

Our Vision

At Scottish Refugee Council our vision is for a Scotland in which all people seeking refugee protection are welcome.

It is a place where women, children and men are protected, find safety and support, have their human rights and dignity respected and are able to achieve their full potential.

Our Values

Refugee Empowerment

Refugee empowerment and involvement are at the heart of everything we do.

Refugee Protection

We are committed to upholding refugees' human rights.


Equality, diversity and human rights are at the core of everything we do.


We are an independent charity. We demonstrate our integrity and our leadership, working in partnership where that will benefit refugees.


We involve and engage communities and the wider public in our work.


We aim for excellence and best quality in all we do, valuing transparency, creativity, participation and learning throughout.


We respect our people. We will enable our staff and volunteers to realise their potential through support and investment.

Our Strategic Aims

Over the next three years (2014-2017) Scottish Refugee Council will:

  • Increase public empathy with refugees and campaign for an end to discrimination, racism and prejudice.
  • Advocate for the rights of refugees and people seeking asylum and for fair and just legislation and policies.
  • Support refugees’ integration and inclusion.
  • Ensure that refugees and people seeking asylum have access to quality advice services, information and support.  
  • Develop an efficient organisation which supports staff and volunteers and ensures quality and value for money.

Strategic Plan 2014 - 2017.

Read our full Strategic Plan 2014 - 2017 which includes our vision, mission, and values.